Aside from having smooth and silky skin, one of the things that can make one really beautiful is the eyes. When you go out and meet people, the first thing that they see is your eyes. Think about it, when we talk, people just don’t hear or listen to what we have to say, they look at our eyes not just because that is common courtesy but also to see us, after all, aren’t “the eyes the windows to our souls”? That’s the truth! That’s why that quote is very popular.

So many people want to make their eyes their best asset. They either wear clothes with colors that can accentuate their eyes, apply makeup that can enhance their appearance or perhaps wear contact lenses. If you want to make your eyes shine too, then see you at Liplassh!

Liplassh is your premier go to when it comes to looking more beautiful! They are experts in eyelash extensions and are dedicated to give you the makeover of your dreams. The great thing about Liplassh is that their eyelashes extensions can make you look naturally beautiful.

They enhance your features and make you look effortless. Their services range from Pretty Face Lash Fill, Pretty Face Mink Lash Full Set to Pretty Face Cluster Lashes. Tried their Pretty Face Lash Fill and I was extremely satisfied. You can really tell that they have a team of experts because the results speak for themselves. To be honest, there were times in the past when I felt a little bit hesitant to go through lash extensions because they may not look really good or worse, they may look very unnatural but Liplassh made me look like I have always had these lashes. Of course, they are noticeable enough to make everyone see the beautiful change in me but they don’t look overpowering at all. They suit my face and my personality too. The extensions somehow bring out that side of me that I know existed but was too shy to show it to the world. And that’s not all, their staff is really friendly and the place is nice and relaxing! I’m all thumbs up for Liplassh!

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