Midori Japanese Restaurant

We learn lots of things in school; from science, mathematics and numbers, to language, history and the arts. One of the best things we can learn is culture- ours and most especially, others’. And although, you may have sat through all your subjects and courses, learning cultures by experiencing them is another story.

All of us are encouraged to travel at least every once in a while. Isn’t it great to go out and see new sights and meet new friends? But although, traveling is really wonderful, it may not always come as easy and appealing for some. Some of us just don’t have the luxury of time, we’re either too busy with work or with school. But thanks to many international restaurants now, you don’t have to travel really far. One of the most interesting cultures is that of Japan. And if you can’t go to the Land of the Rising Sun now, where can you go? At Midori Japanese Restaurant!



The first time I went to Midori Japanese Restaurant, I didn’t feel like I was in Chicago. The interiors really make you feel like you hopped on a plane out of the states. It felt like I was in those pictures I see in magazines and postcards. Along with their pride for their humble beginnings as a small storefront, their staff is dedicated to bring you quality food and service. Because of this quality and dedication, they rose into the elegant, and famous Japanese Restaurant that they are now. Midori is the Japanese for Green, which apparently reflects their brand. They have successfully created an ambience that is cool, fresh and totally relaxing. If you want to escape from the stress in the streets and at the same time, eat really good food then, this is really the perfect place for you. You can invite your friends and book a reservation to eat at one of their tatami rooms where you can actually sit on their cushioned cane-back seats. And as promised, their interior isn’t the only thing that’s note-worthy, their dishes of course really make you want to go back more often than necessary. You can choose from their Sushi Bar, Sashimi Bar, Assorted Maki, and Midori Appetizers! My friends and I love their Unagi Hand Roll- Temaki! But actually, I have been in and out of that place that I have probably tried everything in their menu! Their O Bento is also something you can’t miss out on! From their Sunomono- Takosu, Ika-Uni, Ikura Oroshi, Hirame Curi Maki, to their Roberto’s Special Creations like Dragon Maki, Dancing Eel Maki, to Rainbow Maki; going there will truly be a burst of culture and a feast in your mouth!

Make some of your days extra special and go to Midori Japanese Restaurant now! Learn cultures, eat food, and live life!

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